…..The healthcare industry, just like nearly every other industry, is discovering just how much easier life has become with cloud computing – a versatile solution that allows for remote accessibility to servers that secure and contain massive amounts of data. Ever since the Electronic Medical Records mandate was introduced, healthcare providers all over the US have decided to take advantage of cloud technologies – so let’s take a look at the advantages that cloud tech offers to medical practitioners: 

  1. Savings On Expenses – Setting up massive on-site data storage hardware is extremely expensive to purchase and maintain. Then, you would need to hire personnel just to operate it. While there are good things about having dedicated storage hardware, it costs much more than getting on the cloud.
  1. Easy Teamwork – There are many instances wherein information is needed in more than one location at the same time – and cloud storage allows for people to access the data simultaneously as well as collaborate seamlessly over the Internet.
  1. Versatility – One of the great features of cloud storage is having the ability to grant access to anybody anywhere in the world with the help of mobile applications. This allows for employees who have their specific mobile app installed on their cellphones to view, edit, and work on data stored on the cloud anywhere in the world – provided they have been given the proper access by management.
  1. Quickness – Cloud storage is the fastest way to access data, period. Updates are easily available and usually are installed automatically upon accessing the Internet. All it takes is a few clicks or touches and voila – all cloud-stored data is ready and available, at your disposal.
  1. Improved Protection & Security – Cloud service providers have been required to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) if they are to service doctors and other medical practitioners. This ensures that any data or information stored in the cloud will remain protected and secured as required by law. 

…..Being a doctor is one of the most important, but difficult, professions in the world – and that doesn’t even include all the “other work” doctors have to consider in order to keep a practice up and running. TukkoMed exists to help doctors like you make sense of the back-office mess, and with our extensive experience using cloud technology, we can ensure your information is safe, secure, and accessible anytime. Need a helping hand? Call us now.

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