A study done in 2017 by Parks Associates, an internationally recognized market research and consultancy initiative, found that 60% of households that have access to broadband internet in the United States have shown an interest in availing of virtual care, either over the phone or online. This highlights the growing reliance of humans on modern technology and indicates a continuing rise in popularity for “virtual care services” – which are basically just healthcare services performed online (through the use of websites, apps, and social media pages) or over the phone. It is almost a certainty that this new mode of healthcare will completely change the face of the medical industry as software and website developers design newer, more convenient ways for doctors and patients to bridge the gap with a single touch of a screen. 

…..Virtual care is all about convenience. It allows patients access to a direct line to their chosen medical professionals that can be tapped anytime they want to talk to a doctor. Apps have been designed that allow for “virtual visits” when a doctor needs to see a patient physically. This is ideal for minor medical incidents where a physician can listen, diagnose, and recommend treatment and/or medication as patients will no longer have to step out of their own homes or offices to get a valid medical opinion. While the benefits for patients are obvious, remote healthcare can also bring much needed changes to doctors as well. One way it does this is by lessening workloads, thereby alleviating stress and addressing the problem of physician burnout directly. 

…..One of the biggest changes that virtual care brings to the table is the possibility of flexible schedules for doctors and other medical practitioners. By saving time on patients whose needs can be addressed remotely, physicians have more time on their hands to pursue other career options, such as signing up for work as a qualified medical evaluator (QME), or perhaps just getting some much needed rest. Furthermore, doctors are able to instantly meet and discuss things through the use of technologies that can keep large networks of doctors and specialists in touch, no matter how far they may physically be. This is especially great for situations that require urgent correspondence, such as cardiac arrest or brain aneurysm. In time, it is expected that virtual care will be so sought after that it will become something both patients and doctors cannot imagine living without – a truly remarkable advancement in modern healthcare.

…..Just like any other industry, technology continues to change Healthcare at a rapid pace. Here at TukkoMed, we make sure that our partner-clients remain up to date about the latest trends in all things Medicine. Contact us today and find out how we can help you be the best doctor you can be.


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