…..As current gender issues continue to push boundaries into the new decade, the world has witnessed more and more women being promoted to leadership positions in every walk of life, and rightfully so. In healthcare, the proliferation of female physicians that have emerged successful in a once male-dominated world proves that women in the industry are starting to develop their own voice and contribute a new perspective on the entire medical practice. While this sounds encouraging, there is still some leftover behavior from the old male-driven world that females must be aware of. Following are five tips intended to help women doctors forge their path to success in the world of Medicine.

  1. Voice Out Your Opinion No Matter What Anyone Says – It may be 2020 already, but you will still encounter men that expect you to sit still and be quiet. Ignore them and voice your opinion out no matter what anybody else might say or think. Say what’s on your mind, keep your mind open to an exchange of ideas, and eventually you will be respected.
  1. You Are Your Own Person & Don’t Ever Forget That – It’s common for women to have people around them telling them what to do and that fact doesn’t change in the medical industry. Just keep an open mind as you will receive both good and bad suggestions. Do what you think is right for you because you are your own person – and you should never forget that. If you don’t want to pursue something you are told to pursue, don’t. In the end, only you will have to be the one to live with your life choices, so don’t feel bad if you decide not to take another person’s advice.
  1. Getting Tired Is Part Of The Job – Work can be unfair for women, as it is still common for females to have to work harder in order to be held in the same regard as their male coworkers, and this can get tiring fast. It’s perfectly okay to get tired, even exhausted. Take breaks when you do. The important thing is you don’t quit. Take some time to recover from any struggle or unfair situation, then bounce back stronger.
  1. Learn How To Take Rejection – Sometimes women take rejection harder than men. The thing is, though, rejection is a part of life and learning how to come to terms with the word “NO” can help a lot. Use the feeling of rejection to fuel you to go farther than everyone else around you. Don’t let it stop you in your tracks. Keep trying and improving and eventually, there will be people who will realize if you are on the right track.
  1. Surround Yourself With People Who Accept You – Forge relationships with those who have a positive effect on you. Cherish them because it is not easy to find people that honestly love you and are willing to give honest feedback that can help make you a better version of yourself. There will be difficult times when you will be close to quitting. Go to them and allow them to encourage you and keep you going. This will allow you to be strong in the face of difficulty.

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